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Some currently approved Psychology elective courses include:

  • PSH 501 Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • PSH 531 Close Relationships
  • PSH 536 Psychology of Aging
  • PSH 541 Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology
  • PSH 542 Psychology of Eating and Drinking
  • PSH 545 Psychopharmacology
  • PSH 546 Cognitive Development
  • PSH 582 Community Psychology
  • PSH 583 Applied Behavior Analysis
  • PSH 584 Adolescence
  • PSH 588 Developmental Disabilities
  • PSH 592 Evolutionary Psychology
  • PSH 636 Seminar in Child Psychopathology
  • PSH 699 Independent Study (usually requires one-on-one and “lab team” meetings; readings, and a final conceptual or empirical research review paper)
  • Matriculated graduate students are encouraged to consider an Independent Study/Independent Research course with a Psychology faculty member for one of their elective courses (instructor permission required).

Courses offered from other departments may be accepted with departmental approval. Some approved electives from other departments are listed below. (Please note that some of these courses may have prerequisites or may limit enrollments. Check with the instructor or department for details. Other non-psychology graduate courses may be approved as electives with Department of Psychology permission.)


BIO 595 Neurobiology
BIO 555 Neurophysiology

Counselor Education

  • EDC 602 Individual Education Counseling Concepts

Criminal Justice

  • CRJ 577 Family Violence
  • CRJ 585 Issues in Juvenile Justice

Health Science

  • HLS 509 Introduction to Drug Abuse: Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • HLS 518 Alcohol Use & Abuse
  • HLS 521 Group Counseling Skills for Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • HLS 522 Individualized Treatment Planning for Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • HLS 523 Theories of Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • HLS 524 Counseling Diverse Populations for Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • HLS 526 HIV/AIDS Issues
  • HLS 535 Evaluation & Assessment of Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • HLS 570 Health Implications of Stress
  • HLS 571 Childhood & Adolescent Stress

Physical Education

  • PES 530 Psychology of Sport

Public Administration

  • PAD 613 Health Care in America
  • PAD 682 Organizational Behavior

Recreation and Leisure Studies

  • REL 507 Methods in Therapeutic Recreation

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Last Updated 8/13/18

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