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The Psychology Department offers undergraduate (BA and BS) and graduate (MA) degrees in psychology, as well as an undergraduate minor

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Our programs are based on the conception of psychology as the scientific study of behavior and experience aligned with the goals set forth by the American Psychological Association, and we provide solid training in:

  • the traditionalfoundation knowledge of psychology, including physiological and comparative perspectives on behavior; learning, cognition, and perception; personality and social psychology; life-span developmental psychology; and abnormal psychology and mental health
  • critical and analytical thinking
  • research and the scientific method
  • both theoretical and applied perspectives on behavior
  • quantitative skills important in psychology
  • written communication
  • a rich selection of skills and perspectives related to behavior and experience

We also provide a variety of opportunities for students to acquire direct, hands-on experience in settings where they can apply what they have learned in their courses. Such opportunities include:

  • Working in faculty laboratories on ongoing research projects or, in some cases, on projects of the student's own design
  • Psychology teaching practica
  • Working in a broad spectrum of community service, educational, and/or clinical settings

Last Updated 8/13/18

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