Useful Links in Psychology

With the rapid increase in use of the Internet and the World Wide Web, many web pages have been developed that relate to the study and application of psychology. Below is a sample. The fact that they are listed here does not imply any particular endorsement of them by SUNY Brockport or by the Psychology Department. However, you may find them useful resources for answering questions about psychology.

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American Psychological Association
American Psychological Society
Psi Chi

Careers and Graduate School

Applying to Graduate School
Psychology Graduate Schools

Careers in Psych
Careers in Psychology
The Psychology Career and Education Center


A Guide to Masters in Psychology

Technical Skills

APA Style Page

Specialty Areas

Social Psychology Network
Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

Therapy Guide: Psychotherapy Treatment Resources


Famous People in Psychology

Psychology Games

Assorted Psychology Materials and Sources

Research Randomizer

Research Randomizer Box

Last Updated 10/12/17

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