Elective and Transfer Credit Policy

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  • MPA students may take electives outside the Department of Public Administration at The College at Brockport only with the approval of your advisor. (Courses with 600-level numbers are graduate courses at Brockport. "Swing" courses are NOT allowed.)

  • Up to 12 credits of relevant accredited graduate credit taken within the past five years may be transferred from other Brockport master's-level programs or from other accredited graduate-level educational institutions with departmental approval.  This includes credit which has been counted toward another master's degree or for certification purposes. Transfer credit may be substituted for both core and elective requirements; however, only courses for which you received a grade of "B" or higher qualify (i.e., courses graded on a "pass/fail" basis are ineligible).

  • All requests for transfer credit must be submitted in writing (e-mail) to your advisor for approval, and you must submit official college transcripts and course descriptions for each course.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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