College and Department Policies for Matriculated and Nondegree MPA students

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Note: All College and Departmental Policies in the Graduate Catalog and the Student Policies website apply to students enrolled in the Public Administration program.

I. Department Policies
II. Brockport Email and Drake Library Access

I. Department Policies

A. Grading: The College will record plus and minus (+/-) grades on transcripts. Under this grading system, a "B" equals 3.0 grade points (on the 4.0 GPA scale). College policy regarding the graduate GPA requires that you maintain a 3.0 average by the time you have completed 30 credits. No credit is awarded for grades of "E", "U", and "I" (Incomplete).

B. Withdrawals: Withdrawals are for extenuating emergencies and only allowed up to the week before final exams. The PAD faculty and the department chair review these requests for approval prior to being processed through the Office of Student Accounts and Accounting at Please go to their web site for more information.

C. Incompletes: Assignment of Incomplete grades (or an "I") are reserved for exceptional cases. These are granted on a case by case basis by your instructor. (An Incomplete indicates that you did not complete the required course work, but reached an agreement with your instructor that permits you to complete the work at a specified later date.)

D. Attendance policy: The College's attendance policy states, "When enrolled in a particular course, the student is obligated to do all of the work assigned. Punctual and regular attendance is vital to the discharge of this obligation. Absences, excused or not, do not alter this responsibility. Regulations more restrictive than College policy, but not in conflict with it, may be established by the instructor for any course." Please see your course syllabus and the college policy for more information. As a general rule, if you will likely miss more than one 3-hour class, you should consult with your professor regarding the appropriateness of you taking the course.

E. Academic integrity: The Public Administration Department takes seriously the College's policies on academic integrity. Academic dishonesty is a major violation of College Policy, which can result in the failure of a course, as well as in a range of disciplinary actions, from an official warning to suspension or dismissal from the college. Please familiarize yourself with this policy and ask your instructor for more information.

Academic dishonesty takes many forms. Regardless of the form or intention, it will not be tolerated and will have serious consequences. Be sure to always cite your sources when discussing another’s theory, idea, model, etc. even if not directly quoting the material. Direct quotations should be limited and only used when the original meaning of the content would otherwise be lost. When citing, use APA formatting style. Know your instructors expectations for grading and please remain aware of the college policy on plagiarism.

F. Religious holidays: If you have special needs because of religious holidays, please see your instructor at least two weeks prior to the holiday so that special arrangements can be made for you.

G. Disability policy: The College at Brockport is committed to the inclusion of all individuals. In realizing this commitment, we are determined to uphold and maintain all aspects of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended.In the spirit of these laws, The College at Brockport provides equal opportunity to individuals with disabilities. Students with documented disabilities may be entitled to specific accommodations. SUNY Brockport's Office for Student with Disabilities makes this determination. Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at (585)395-5409 to inquire about obtaining an official letter to the course instructor detailing any approved accommodations. The student is responsible for providing the course instructor with an official letter. Faculty work as a team with the Office for Students with Disabilities to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

H. Student Support Services:
The Student Learning Center offers support in writing, including developing an outline, creating a rough draft, or revising and polishing a final effort and word processing.
The Cultural Center for Student Services and Development, (585) 395-5245, also responds to minority students' cultural needs, including academic assistance.

Career Services, (585) 395-2159, offers a range of services for Brockport students and alumni. Visit their Web site for more information.
In order to fully utilize any of the above services, please contact the offices at the numbers listed early, especially when class work might be reviewed in advance of class deadlines.

Student Papers

Writing in most graduate classes is significant and all students are expected to write at the graduate level. If you have concerns about your writing, I encourage you to consult with the Student Learning Center (SLC). The SLC offers a synchronous (real time) writing tutoring program in order to support students taking courses through the SUNY Learning Network or at the MetroCenter for those who are not able to travel to the Brockport campus. To access a remote writing tutoring, call (585) 395-2293 to schedule an appointment. Tell the SLC staff member that you wish to make an appointment for a Remote Writing Tutoring. You will be given the following information for your appointment: phone number, email address, date, and time. Write this information down.

Send your paper to the SLC e-mail address you were given at least 15 minutes before your appointment.

Call the number you’ve been given at your scheduled appointment time. If possible, call from a hands-free phone. (MetroCenter students, please consider using the MetroCenter "Phone Loan" Service, mentioned below.) Have an electronic or hard copy of your paper in front of you during your phone conversation with the writing tutor. (Your tutor will review your paper on the computer screen while talking to you on the phone.) If you wish to call your tutor on a land-line phone located in the technology wing at the MetroCenter, you may borrow a headset for your tutoring session. To do so:

• Go to the 3rd floor administrative wing to exchange your ID and sign-out a headset.

• Go to the 3rd floor technology wing hallway and follow the instructions posted on the wall near the “Group Collaboration Center” cluster of PC’s.

I. Communication with the Department. Brockport email accounts and Blackboard course sites are to be checked often as this is how course materials and departmental communication is conducted. For problems with Blackboard, call the Brockport help desk at 585-395-5151. The Help Desk is available 24/7!

II. Brockport E-mail and Drake Library Access

Enrolled Brockport students are assigned a Userid and Password (your NetID) to access your student e-mail account and Drake library databases.

Your NetID provides access to many online databases available through Drake Library’s home page at

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