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Graduation Rates

Data reported to NASPAA* indicates that College at Brockport MPA students who started the program in 2011 had retention to graduate rates of 90% (with 60% of the remaining 10% taking only 1 class). The MPA program has pre-admission resources for prospective students to make assist in deciding if their career goals match the programmatic offerings. These include, but are not limited to pre-admission interviews, classroom observations, and alumni interviews. In addition, mid-semester evaluations provide professors and advisors immediate data to work with students who might not be performing at the expected level.

Career Pathways

The market for “public service” careers has diversified from primarily government jobs compared to when MPA programs were emerging around the country. MPA graduates can find themselves in new and expanding roles. Alumni data from our most recent self-study* show that alumni are getting jobs! Those graduating in Fall 2015 through Summer 2016 are employed in the following fields:

  • Federal government:  3%
  • State government:  8%
  • City, county, or other local government: 30%
  • Nonprofit organizations: 28%
  • Private sector: 28%
  • Seeking further education:  3%

*This data is from our 2016-2017 NASPAA annual report.

Last Updated 10/12/17

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