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The Institute for Poverty Studies and Economic Development (IPSED) vision is to support a collective strategy that delivers excellent education to our children, trains adults for the jobs of the future, and facilitates shared regional vitality in Upstate New York.

IPSED’s mission is to support partnerships among business, academic, and community leaders to raise awareness of poverty issues and build strategically aligned opportunities for those living in poverty to live out their life’s purpose and productively contribute to the economy and their communities. 

Capacity Building Project

Our Capacity Building Project is about generating Return on Investment (ROI) for our partners by reducing social costs and generating social benefits in line with sound economic principles and cutting-edge research in the field of public management. The Institute is seeking an inaugural project that fits our clinical model, which would support an organization seeking to fund the evaluation of one or more community programs and/or building new interventions aimed at a defined community problem. 

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IPSED’s clinical model will construct interdisciplinary teams of students, faculty and practitioners to meet the need of participating organizations and deliver Professional Services.

  • Enroll your college department as a collaborator and/or list specific classes that could accommodate a service learning project, involving faculty and students.
  • Enroll your high school, career and technical education (CTE) institution, credentialing body or college/university in internships associated with the IPSED Capacity Building Project.
  • Enroll your private or public organization to host an intern or a Capacity Building project aimed at addressing the intersection of poverty and economic development.

IPSED Professional Services

  • Strategic planning and organizational needs assessments
  • Evidence-based best practice utilization
  • Program design and implementation
  • Program evaluation and data management
  • Leadership development and team capacity building
  • Grant making opportunities
  • Community convening events 

IPSED Shared Principles and Values

  • Vision and hope are intertwined
  • Social isolation stifles shared progress
  • Barriers are structural and not rooted in individuals
  • Underrepresented populations represent untapped potential
    • Racism is real and limits the potential of everyone in the region
    • Viewing disability misses an individual’s true abilities and talents
  • Relationships matter, requiring collaboration time and earned trust
  • Change is hard and key to releasing potential
  • Sharing power creates more opportunity than hording it
  • Poverty drains resources and talent from investing in opportunity that benefit everyone 

IPSED Contact

Steve Hanmer
Faculty Fellow
IPSED Director of Community Partnership & Outreach
Department of Public Administration
Phone: (585) 395-8375

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Brockport Downtown
Suite 543
161 Chestnut Street
Rochester, NY 14604

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