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Hometown:Lyndonville, NY

Program:MPA, Nonprofit Management Emphasis and Arts Management Certificate

Undergraduate College and Major:Interdisciplinary Arts for Children, The College at Brockport

Expected Graduation Date:May 2015

Current Occupation:Site Coordinator, School-Age Child Care Southeast YMCA

How and why did you decide to apply for The College at Brockport MPA program?

After completing my undergraduate degree at The College at Brockport, I knew I was interested in continuing my education, but was eager for new experiences and new challenges. I feared for some time that completing both my undergraduate and graduate degrees at the same institution would not make me as marketable in the workforce or provide me with the new experiences I desired. However, after adamantly seeking advice from a variety of Brockport’s MPA alumni, all of whom have proven to be greatly successful, I felt confident that although Brockport had already provided me with countless opportunities for personal, professional, and academic development, pursuing my Masters of Public Administration would continue to help me mature in those capacities. My experience thus far has solidified that Brockport is capable of providing invaluable experiences at various levels.

What have you enjoyed most about the program so far?

I value Brockport’s MPA program because it allows students the flexibility to take ownership of their future career goals and modify the courses they choose to take accordingly. Faculty and administration of the program are very individualin their approach to working with graduate students, which helps build strong, mentoring relationships, while helping students to get the most out of the program (the most bang for their buck, if you will). For this reason, I am able to graduate with my Arts Management Certificate in addition to my MPA.

What does your job entail?

As a Site Coordinator, I am responsible for the supervision of school-age child care employees and volunteers as well as the organization and implementation of before and after school programs for children at the Southeast YMCA branch. The YMCA takes a holistic approach to child development and engagement through their emphasis on 21st century skills, global learning, leadership development, arts education, and college and career exploration, to name a few. Our everyday work seeks to foster strong relationships between the YMCA and families in the Greater Rochester area.

What are your future goals?

I hope to advance in leadership positions within nonprofit organizations that share my values and beliefs in child and family development. With an indomitable passion for the arts and arts education, long-term, I aspire to be the director of an arts and cultural nonprofit organization. If there is anything that life has taught me thus far, it is that the only thing that is consistent is change, so be prepared for the unexpected. Though I currently have specific goals, I am open to new opportunities that may arise and fortunately, the MPA program helps prepare students to be successful in a wide array of professions.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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