Jessica Martin 2016

MPA, Nonprofit Management Emphasis


Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Undergraduate College and Major: Anthropology, with minor in Sociology, The College at Brockport

Current Occupation: Graduate Assistant with the Office of Institutional Research & Analysis at The College at Brockport and also Intern Business Administrator at Christ Community Church, Brockport

How and why did you decide to apply for The College at Brockport MPA program?

During the fall semester of my Junior (undergraduate) year at Brockport, I took a Professional Development course through the Anthropology department. The course took us on a journey to discover who we are and how we could use our careers to impact the world around us. We took personality tests through the college's career services website, and we spent weeks discovering and analyzing our ideal professions. Much of what I discovered revolved around non-profit work, mostly including my motivations to help meet individuals' basic human needs in the U.S. and around the world. I was completely surprised when my professor mentioned that Brockport offered a Master of Public Administration, and that I could use it to focus on the logistics of building and strengthening non-profit organizations!

What have you enjoyed most about the program so far?

Throughout my first year in the MPA program, I've been amazed with how dynamically the professors communicate and teach. They work hard to inspire and engage us with our materials' real-life applications, and they are very transparent with how difficult it can sometimes be to make a meaningful difference in our community and world. I highly respect their perspectives and experiences since they really know what working in public administration entails. From managing human resources to creating budgets, I trust their humor, realism, and pep talks.

What does your job entail?

My graduate assistantship with the Office of Institutional Research & Analysis involves program evaluation, data management, and assessment analysis that allows the college administration to measure how well we carry out our goals; this research also allows us to establish and perpetuate organizational identities that become what we market to incoming students, alumni, and donors. Through my Business Administration Internship at Christ Community Church, I help manage payroll, contributions, contracts, accounts payable, budget creation, and some programming (and whatever else is needed at that time)!

What are your future goals?

Someday when my life comes to a close, I'd like to say that I helped fix problems that threaten others' abilities to live fulfilled and healthy lives. This overarching goal can include helping provide clean water, health care, and sustainable food systems during crises when communities lack them. I look forward to helping manage a high-impact non-profit organization that allows me to travel as I do this, and ultimately spread the things that I often take for granted.

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