Student Spotlight: Danielle Pierleoni


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Hometown: Rochester, NY

Program: Combined BS in Political Science/Master of Public Administration

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Current Occupation: Natures Marketplace and Floral Customer Service Representative at Wegmans Food Markets

How and why did you decide to apply for The College at Brockport MPA program?

I decided to apply for the MPA program, and more specifically the Public Administration Combined Degree program, through the recommendation of my undergraduate advisor. When I was a sophomore in college, I realized that I wanted to have an active role in the political field. However, I was not exactly sure what path to take until members of the political science faculty and staff gave me insight on what options were available. With their guidance, I realized that the Brockport MPA program would allow me to become more marketable to employers in a multitude of fields. Admission was rather easy for someone like myself who earns good grades and sets high standards for themselves. Not to mention, that the program is much more affordable than other similar graduate programs. I am very thankful that Brockport offers a program to students who want to work in government positions in health administration, the private sector, or for non-profit organizations.

What have you enjoyed most about the program so far?

What makes this program so great is not just the course material, but the students. Meeting other graduate students from very diverse backgrounds makes the program worthwhile. Many of the courses are structured in ways that allow you to build relationships with your peers. The majority of the classroom instructions that I have seen thus far have been discussion-based and interactive. As a result, students get to know others who are either in a similar position as themselves, or have been in their careers for many years. What I have learned from my fellow students in the MPA program is both enlightening and beneficial to my success. The classes allow you to create networks and helpful contacts for the future.

What does your job entail?

I currently assist in merchandising, customer-service, and sales at the Latta Road Wegmans grocery store location. My home department is Natures Marketplace where I promote products and provide knowledge-based service to our customers. I make an effort to eat organic, raw, and non-GMO, which helps me to better communicate with customers who want to learn more about eating healthy. In the absence of my department supervisor, I am trusted to play a leadership role. I help supervise the department, train new employees, write product orders, and help write weekly schedules. Our customers are not just interested in knowing where products are located, but how they are used and why they are beneficial to them. My job is to ensure that I provide our shoppers with the quality of service that keeps them coming back to our store.

What are your future goals?

One day I hope to work as a staff member for a politician and work my way up to a leadership role, such as a chief of staff position. However, I am open to working for an organization that lobbies for issues that I feel are important like education and environmental policy. Ideally, the knowledge that I have gained through the MPA program will help me reach the career goals I wish to achieve. I want to make a difference in our government and help support public officials and organizations that promote growth and opportunity for our youth.

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