Erica Shaw 2017

MPA, Public Management Concentration

Hometown: Livonia, NY

Undergraduate College & Major: Nazareth College of Rochester, Biology & Philosophy Major

How and why did you decide to apply for The College at Brockport MPA program?

After completing my undergraduate degree I was unsure where I wanted to go with my career, although I knew I wanted to do something to improve my community. I enrolled in and served with the Rochester AmeriCorps program in the Rochester City School District for a year and it fundamentally shifted my focus. After witnessing the innumerable challenges faced by my students, I realized that I wanted to contribute to the discussion regarding policy changes that might address the broad range of issues encountered by my students and their families living in Rochester. Realizing the impact of public policy on the cyclical nature of poverty, educational challenges, and overall standard of living, I came to the MPA program here at Brockport. I have been thrilled with the experiences and opportunities which have resulted from my enrollment in this program!

Previous Occupations:Rochester AmeriCorps Member, Office of Alumni Relations Nazareth College

Current Occupation: Project Health Counselor/Researcher at URMC  

What have you enjoyed most about the program so far?

The culture of mutual scholarship and support amongst my fellow students and professors has been wonderful to experience. In many of my classes we have been able to have high level, in depth discussions, and thoroughly explore complex issues as a result of this culture. I have also truly appreciated the degree to which all of my professors have been invested not only in my education, but also in my professional and personal goals. The relationships forged in this program have encouraged me to pursue my educational goals moving forward, and for that I will be forever grateful!

What are your future goals?

As a result of my current work in Women’s Health Outreach and my work in the MPA program, I am hoping to continue studying the complex relationship between culture and policy formation and implementation. The ways in which cultural and social forces influence what policies are included on governmental agendas, as well as how policies are received is fascinating to me. Additionally I am highly interested in gender, inequality and difference in society, and would like to pursue either a PhD or a position researching these topics.

What advice do you have for future students?

My best advice would be to engage with your professors and classmates at every opportunity! You are surrounded by incredible people with a diverse range of experiences and learning from them is just as important as the content you cover in your classes!

Last Updated 8/19/19

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