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The College at Brockport has developed an Early Warning System. Early identification of academic and personal difficulties using this system will increase our ability to offer students access to appropriate support services.

The Early Warning System recognizes the importance of:

  • Early feedback from course instructors and fast action to address at-risk student behavior in an proactive manner
  • More active methods of supporting students who are exhibiting at-risk behavior
  • Focused retention efforts on those students who need it the most

How can faculty use the Early Warning System?

Go to the Faculty Services tab in Web Banner to enter an early warning, just as you would access this system to enter midterm or final grades. Once you choose a particular class and student, the drop-down choices, instead of being letter grades, will include check boxes for some important risk indicators and a text box in which you can enter any special comments on the student.

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Although you may enter only one early warning at any time, a warning that comes at the first sign of student difficulty maximizes the likelihood that we can successfully intervene in time to make a difference.

Faculty will be prompted through the Daily Eagle to enter appropriate early warnings during the third week of the semester. Faculty who enter a warning will receive a confirmation and follow-up for each student.

For more information about the Early Warning System, contact Cathy McCormick in the Academic Success Center / Student Retention.

Office of Student Retention

Last Updated 8/20/18

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