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Types of Scholars Day Submissions


Individual Presentation or Performance

Oral or Paper

One presentation which will be placed in a session with other presentations/performances by Scholars Day organizers. These submissions will be grouped into sessions of 2–5 projects and organized around common themes and/or disciplines.

If you are submitting more than one presentation or performance for the day or are a member of a group session, please indicate this in the "Special Requirements" box on the form so that we do not schedule your presentations at the same time.

Poster Presentation

One project with one or more authors which will be placed in a large poster session, The Poster Palooza, organized by academic field and held on the Main Floor at the SERC Field House.

Entire Session

  • An entire session comprised of multiple presentations arranged by faculty, approximately 2–5 presentations to fill the allotted time. (Any of the following: five 16–minute, four 20–minute, three 26–minute, or two 40–minute presentations/performances. Times to include question and discussion.)
  • An entire session comprised of a single presentation/panel/performance by a class or group to fill the allotted time (Eurosim, Puppeteers, Special Exhibit, Debate, etc.).


Contact Jamie Edwards through email ( or phone at (585) 395-2905.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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