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Paul Auersperg, '86

President and CEO of Fortune Footwear, Inc.

Degree: Business Administration, with a Concentration in Marketing

Fortune Footwear, Inc. (New York, NY) was founded in 1985 by Paul's father, John H. Auersperg. Paul joined his father and brother, Johnny, in January 1987 and has been with the company for over 25 years. His career started in sales (1987), but he moved on to oversee product development for the Women's Division in 1994. In 1998, he was named president, and in 2006 he became CEO.

Fortune Footwear, Inc. is a leading global company doing business in Europe and Asia since 1985.  The business began by importing flip-flops, slippers and casual footwear from Korea and Taiwan.  As the sourcing strategy expanded into dress shoes, production eventually moved to China.

Clients include catalog companies, retail chains, shopping networks, branded and celebrity buyers.  Every year Fortune creates hundreds of innovative women’s shoe and handbag designs.  As a result, currently more than 5 million pairs of shoes and 1 million handbags are manufactured in Northern and Southern China.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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