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Welcome to the Second Year Experience program! Here, we aim to provide resources for the second-year of the undergraduate experience.

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Now, you're ready to declare a major and develop a plan for your final three years of college. The Second Year Experience aims to meet the unique needs of second year students. We want to support the development of your academic and career plans, and provide you with life skills for both academic success on campus and professional success in internships, placements, and after graduation. We aim to connect you with the resources on campus that can help make that happen! You can apply to be a Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen, or you can reach out for information on scholarships, jobs, professional skills building, study abroad, and much more that is available throughout campus.

For more information or to get involved with creating a memorable Second Year Experience, contact The Office for Student Retention, (585) 395-5403.

Benefits of SYE

For many students, the second year of college presents unique challenges including formulating major and career goals, defining individual purpose, and developing meaningful relationships with peers and faculty.

Students who participate in the SYE program have an opportunity to:

  • Refine their academic skills
  • Explore internship and study abroad opportunities
  • Participate in leadership and peer mentoring programs
  • Discover and challenge themselves

These are just a few of the things they can do as they continue on their path to graduation.

Last Updated 8/13/18

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