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The Undergraduate Social Work Program at SUNY Brockport offers students admission to full-time study each fall.

In order to provide more choice for prospective students the Social Work program limits admission to approximately 75 full-time students. Full time students starting the major can complete the program in two years (four semesters). Please note, that all students, regardless of their full or part-time status, must complete the BS in social work degree within 6 years of matriculation.

Social Work Application Form 2021

The Process

  1. For admission to the Social Work Program for the fall semester, a student must be a current SUNY Brockport student or an accepted/deposited transfer student. Transfer students must first apply and be accepted/deposited to the College. Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to apply. Note: Acceptance to the College does not guarantee admission to the Social Work Program.

  2. Following acceptance to SUNY Brockport, a student who has or will have junior status (54 credits by the fall semester) who is interested in the Social Work Program, needs to complete the Social Work Application.

  3. Completed applications need to be received by the department Secretary by April 30. Applications received after this date will be considered on a space available basis. The Admissions Secretary will create a student file, verify enrollment and acceptance status at SUNY Brockport, and verify completed prerequisites. The file will then go to the Admissions Committee for a decision on acceptance into the Social Work program.

*As of January 2021, reference letters are no longer required for admission.

Note: For transfer students, an unofficial, or a copy of your official transcript is needed to verify GPA and prerequisite completion. Including a copy of your transcript will allow the Admissions Committee to review student files in less time leading to quicker acceptance to the program.

  1. When a decision is made by the Social Work Admissions Committee, the applicant will receive a letter from the Admissions Secretary either accepting them into the Social Work program, conditional/provisional acceptance, or a letter stating the reasons for denial. If accepted into the program, a seat-confirmation form is included with the acceptance letter. It is very important for applicants to return the signed confirmation form to save their seat in the program for the fall semester.


For questions related to the application process, please contact the departmental Secretary at (585) 395-2324.

Last Updated 1/19/22