Requirements for the Baccalaureate Degree in Social Work

This major consists of professional courses, electives, and practicum experiences designed to prepare professional social-work practitioners for skilled practice at the baccalaureate level in the delivery of services to individuals, groups, and communities.

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  • 12 credits of prerequisites
  • 42 credits of social work professional courses
  • 18 credits of social work or other electives

Prerequisite Requirements

Note: The prerequisite requirements must be completed before entering the social work major. The prerequisite requirements may be completed at SUNY Brockport or equivalent courses transerred in from other colleges/universities. The prerequisite courses may be used to fulfill General Education requirements of the College.

Prerequisite Courses(12 Credits)

  • Sociology 100: Introduction to Sociology
  • Psychology 110: Principles of Psychology
  • Biology 281: Elements of Human Biology or BIO 221: Survey of Anatomy/Physiology or BIO 285: Biology of Aging or BIO 321: Anatomy Physiology I or BIO 322: Anatomy Physiology II
  • Statistics: SOC 200: Social Statistics or PSH 202: Introductory Stat or MTH 243: Elements of Statistics

Professional Social Work Content Area Requirements

Social Welfare Policy and Services (6 Credits)

  • Social Work 311 Human Service Systems/Social Policy
  • Social Work 411 Human Service Systems/Analysis

Research (3 Credits)

  • Social Work 310 Social Work Research Methods

Human Behavior and Social Environment (9 Credits)

  • Social Work 301 Human Behavior and Social Environment I
  • Social Work 302 Human Behavior and Social Environment II
  • Social Work 321 Cultural Diversity

Social Work Practice (12 Credits)

  • Social Work 322 Social and Economic Justice
  • Social Work 341 Social Work Methods I
  • Social Work 342 Social Work Methods II
  • Social Work 441 Social Work Methods III

Field Practicum (SENIOR YEAR)

1. Concurrent-Two Semesters - (12 Credits)


  • Social Work 451 Field Instruction I
  • Social Work 453 Seminar in Field Instruction I


  • Social Work 455 Field Instruction II
  • Social Work 457 Seminar in Field Instruction II


2. Block Placement - One Semester - (12 Credits)


  • Social Work 454 Field Instruction
  • Social Work 456 Seminar in Field Instruction

GRAND TOTAL = 54 Credits


Electives included in the course of study may be either courses outside of the department in areas of the student's own choice or they may be elective courses offered in the Department of Social Work. Brockport social work electives include:

  • SWO 221: Contemporary Social Work
  • SWO 303: Crisis Intervention
  • SWO 372: Sex and the Life Cycle
  • SWO 373: School Social Work
  • SWO 374: Probation and Parole
  • SWO 379: People With Disabilities: Issues, Legislation, Intervention
  • SWO 474: Child Welfare
  • SWO 475: Women's Lives
  • SWO 476: Gerontology
  • SWO 477: Aging Family
  • SWO 478: Developmental Disability
  • SWO 480: Ethical and Value Dilemmas in the Helping Professions
  • SWO 482 Dealing With Diversity

Electives are offered fairly regularly and are designated as liberal arts courses in determining course credit distribution for graduation. The total number of social work credits for the major is 54 or 55, including prerequisites and co-requisites. Elective courses are supplemental to credit requirements in the major. However, no more than 54 credits may be taken in the social work discipline. (i.e., courses with SWO prefix)

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