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We study patterns of human behavior and the social issues that impact them. Only by understanding these patterns can we create policies that will effect change.

Upcoming Events

  • Field Experience Opportunities

    Gain practical experience and a degree. You will have the opportunity to take part in field research on food systems. Internships with social service agencies are also available.

  • Find Your Community

    Learning happens inside and outside the classroom. The Perspectives on Humanity Living Learning Community is a program for first year students to explore their interest in social sciences.

  • Double Major in Sociology and Social Work

    Students develop a comprehensive understanding of society and its influence on individual behavior. Students who complete the double major may gain advanced standing in some Masters in Social Work programs.

  • Double Major in Criminal Justice and Sociology

    Your sociology degree will give you deep insight into the social forces that affect crime. This double major will enhance job opportunities in the field and provide a solid foundation for graduate school.

Last Updated 9/14/18

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