Double Major in Criminal Justice and Sociology

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Double Major in Criminal Justice and Sociology

This cooperative venture between criminal justice and sociology enables you to complete two majors before graduation. Completing both majors can serve you well in a number of ways. Sociology, as a second major on your graduation transcript, indicates breadth of knowledge in the investigation of social problems and issues. Given the social forces that affect crime and the work of police and probation officers, judges, and others in the criminal justice system, these additional knowledge and skills will enhance your employment opportunities in criminal justice. Students with a second major in sociology find they are more eligible for career advancement. Or, if you decide to pursue an MA or Ph.D. in criminology or sociology, this combined major should facilitate admission into the many graduate programs that combine sociology and criminology, as well as graduate work in either field. The combined major also facilitates admission to graduate work in public administration or law school, if these options interest you.

For advisement on a double major in criminal justice and sociology, consult with any Criminal Justice or Sociology professor. Talking with one of the many students currently completing a double major in criminal justice and sociology might also be useful.

The double major in criminal justice and sociology is relatively easy to accomplish. We urge you to declare them both as early in your career as possible, however, since courses in both areas fill up very quickly. Moreover, you receive preferential treatment through pre-registration as a major in each area. We can enroll you in minutes. Contact the sociology department for more information at 395-2619.

Click here for a printable handout and sample course plan.

Course Plan in Sociology With References to Criminal Justice Major

Core Courses in Sociology:

______ Intro Sociology, SOC 100 (fulfills co-requisite for criminal justice)

______ SOC 210, 220, 230 (one of these must be taken at Brockport)

______ Statistics, SOC 200 (fulfills co-requisite for criminal justice)*

______ Sociological Theory, SOC 300*

______ Research Methods* (SOC 310 or CRJ 471-required for CRJ major)

Sociology Electives:

(18 credits unless you receive credit for another statistics course, in which case, you must take 21 elective credits)

______ Black Family (SOC or AAS 314), Prejudice (SOC or AAS 317), or Ethnic Relations (SOC or AAS 428)
(fulfills co-requisite for criminal justice as an approved ethnic minorities course)

(CRJ 494 [required for CRJ major] is accepted as a sociology elective)

______Any upper division 300/400 level course in sociology (fulfills co-requisite for criminal justice)

______Three (or four, if SOC 200 taken elsewhere) additional elective courses

* C or higher required for SOC major

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