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Melody Boyd

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Contact Information

Office: 205A Hartwell Hall

Office Phone: 585-395-5661



Ph.D., Sociology, Temple University

M.A., Sociology, Temple University

B.A., Sociology and Communication, Messiah College


Research Methods

Racial and Ethnic Relations

Urban Sociology

Social Inequality

Research Interests

My research focuses on urban poverty with an emphasis on issues related to race/ethnicity. I am interested in the mechanisms that both exacerbate and mitigate urban poverty, and the effects of neighborhoods on families. Much of my research focuses on housing mobility programs, including the Moving to Opportunity Study, as a way to understand neighborhood effects and policy implications.

Selected Publications

Boyd, Melody L. and Stefanie DeLuca. 2017. “Fieldwork with In-depth Interviews: How to Get Strangers in the City to Tell You Their Stories.” Pp. 239-253 in Methods in Social Epidemiology (2nd ed.), edited by J. Michael Oakes and Jay S. Kaugman. Wiley: Jossey-Bass.

Boyd, Melody L., Jason Martin and Kathryn Edin. 2016. “Pathways to Participation: Class Disparities in Youth Civic Engagement.” City & Community 15(4): doi: 10.1111/cico.122205

Bridges, Tristan and Melody L. Boyd. 2016. “On the Marriageabilty of Men.” Sociology Compass 10(1): 48-64.

Condliffe, Barbara, Melody L. Boyd and Stefanie DeLuca. 2015. "Stuck in School: How Social Context Interacts with School Choice Policy to Shape Inner City Students' Educational Careers." Teachers College Record 17(3): 1-36.

Edin, Kathryn, Melody Boyd, James Mabli, Jim Ohls, Julie Worthington, Sara Greene, Nicholas Redel, and Swetha Sridharan. 2013. “SNAP Food Security In-Depth Interview Study.” U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, Office of Research and Analysis, Project Officer: Sarah Zapolsky. Alexandria, VA: March 2013. Available at

Boyd, Melody L. and Kimberly A. Goyette. 2010. "Moving into Line: The Educational, Occupational, and Family Ambitions of the Youth of Gautreaux II." Sociological Studies of Children and Youth 13(1): 373-398.

Boyd, Melody L., Kathryn Edin, Susan Clampet-Lundquist and Greg Duncan. 2010. "The Durability of the Gautreaux Two Residential Mobility Program: A Qualitative Analysis of Who Stays and Who Moves from Low-Poverty Neighborhoods." Housing Policy Debate 20(1): 116-143.

Boyd, Melody L. 2008. "The Role of Social Networks in Making Housing Choices: The Experience of the Gautreaux Two Residential Mobility Program." Cityscape 10(1): 41-64.

Grants & Awards

2013 Pre-Tenure Grant Development Grant, The College at Brockport

2011 Transition to Adulthood Network Grant, University of Pennsylvania

2010 Dissertation Completion Grant, Temple University

2008-2009 Center for the Humanities at Temple, Graduate Associate

2006 Certificate of Merit in Teaching, Temple University

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