Sociology Major (BA, BS)

Sociology is the study of people and groups. Ranging from individual relationships to large-scale social change.

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Field Trip
Field Trip
Field Trip

What You’ll Learn

Human behavior is complex. Why do social norms exist and why do people break them? Why does poverty exist? Why are racism and sexism so pervasive?

Sociology studies patterns of human behavior and the social issues that impact them. Only by understanding these patterns can we create policies that will effect change.

You will study a range of social problems and analyze the issues affecting them. Classes in research and analysis will prepare you to address the social problems of the 21st century. You can take courses focused on urban issues, deviance, or race, class, and gender inequality.

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"My understanding of what is important in life began with my family, who taught me about cultural diversity and having respect for people who are different from me."

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