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Notification of Course Cancellation or Changes

If a significant change is made to a course for which you have registered (e.g., day or time change, location change) we will attempt to notify you via your Brockport email address. Please note that the College considers this email the official method of communication to students. In order to receive these communications, you are responsible for and must check your campus email account regularly.

In the event of a course cancellation, an attempt will be made to notify you by both email (at your Brockport email address) and telephone. Please be sure your email address and phone number are up to date on Web Banner. If your course is canceled, you may select an alternate course prior to the first day of class. Additionally, if your course is canceled, your summer charges will be adjusted accordingly and if you are due a refund, one will be automatically processed for you.

Canceled Courses

Registration for summer courses begins Monday, March 29 and continues until classes begin or have filled. Although it happens infrequently, some courses fail to meet a minimum enrollment and are canceled. Register and affirm your enrollment early to be sure you are counted!

 Session Dates Cancellation Date 
Session I (May 24 - June 5)  May 18 - 21
Session II (June 7- July 10) and
Session III (July 12 - August 14)
 June 2 - 4
Special Session Courses  Approximately one week prior to start date

Last Updated 3/12/21