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Student Learning Center 2013-2014 Annual Report Highlights

  • The number of students who used our services totaled 1,702, approximately 21% of the entire student body.
  • Tutoring sessions across the disciplines totaled 8,651, a 7.3% increase from last year.
  • The SLC provided writing tutoring to 294 students in the fall and 184 students in the spring for a total of 1,517 tutoring sessions, a 59% increase from the previous 5 years' average.
  • The SLC assisted 362 students in the fall and 251 in the spring with math tutoring.
  • Math tutoring sessions totaled 3,124, about 16% greater than the previous 5 years' average.
  • The fall 2013 Chemistry tutoring visits increased by 139% from last fall.
  • The fall 2013 Computer Science tutoring visits increased by 428% from last fall.
  • The fall 2013 Psychology tutoring visits increased by 182% from last fall.
  • The fall Sociology tutoring visits increased by 275% from last fall.
  • Spring Nursing tutoring sessions increased by 478% from last spring.
  • The SLC tutored 351Transfer students in the fall 2013 semester.
  • The SLC hired and trained 154 tutors from across the disciplines.
  • We view our position and reporting relationship in Academic Affairs as a strength. The SLC staff frequently consults teaching faculty to help us identify quality tutors, to articulate the needs of particular students in need of academic support, as well as to keep us informed on curriculum modifications. Our position in Academic Affairs enables us to effectively support academic initiatives yet still allows us to work across division lines. For example, we carry out academic outreach to students in Strategies to Eliminate Probationary Status (STEPS).

Last Updated 8/28/17

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