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Promoting an Effective Learning Environment for All Students

Students Can Expect Tutors to...

  • Maintain a positive, professional manner during tutorial sessions.
  • Promote a relaxed, quiet environment in the Center.
  • Ask questions designed to clarify the student’s tutorial needs.
  • Refrain from criticizing an instructor’s teaching methods or evaluation of student work.
  • Request access to syllabi, texts, student’s notes, reference materials and/or refer to other SLC staff members for assistance with challenging questions.
  • Tell the student frankly if they are not able to answer questions, and will refer him/her to another tutor or to the course instructor for additional assistance.
  • Maintain detailed and accurate records of all tutorial contacts with students.
  • Refrain from discussing their tutorial students and their tutorial sessions with anyone other than the Center’s professional staff.

The Center Expects Students to...

  • Give tutors time to help by planning tutoring sessions well in advance of assignment due dates.
  • Be respectful of the learning needs of others by helping to maintain a quiet, orderly learning environment.
  • Avoid impolite behaviors, gestures, or verbal expressions that degrade the quality of the learning environment at the Center.
  • Respect the tutors’ need to divide their time among all students requesting assistance.
  • Bring your relevant course assignment sheets, syllabi, notes, and textbooks to tutorial sessions.
  • Try to complete assignments on your own before a tutorial session. This will help you come with specific questions to work on with your tutor.
  • Call to cancel if you are unable to keep a tutorial appointment.
  • Complete the required student contact card at the beginning of each tutoring session.

Contact Director Mike Dentino, Assistant Director Elisabeth Gonzalez, or Secretary Diana Pask for additional information or assistance as needed.

Please Note: The College’s official procedures for dealing with students who are disruptive applies in the Student Learning Center and can be found in Your Right to Know, chapter 7. Disruptive behavior can result in losing the privilege to obtain tutoring services or to work in the Student Learning Center. The Center’s director is charged with the responsibility of determining when behaviors are disruptive. The director can ask disruptive students to leave the Center.

Last Updated 8/28/17

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