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The purpose of the Student Learning Center Outstanding Tutor Award Program is to recognize tutors whose work is exemplary and demonstrates a commitment to student success.

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Each month the SLC will recognize the work of 3-5 outstanding tutors.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to select the tutors -

  1. A tutor who possesses an outstanding work ethic.
  2. A tutor who possesses excellent tutoring strategies, including the ability to explain course content, model problem-solving strategies and/or course-specific study strategies.
  3. A tutor who possesses excellent interpersonal communications skills.
  4. A tutor who goes above and beyond to assist students in terms of scheduling flexibility or adapting tutoring strategies to meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  5. A returning tutor who has worked at the SLC for several semesters and whose experience makes him/her the “go-to” person for that subject.
  6. A tutor who maintains communication with the professor of the class for whom he/she tutors.
  7. A tutor whose friendly, positive disposition enhances the work environment of the SLC.

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Recent Outstanding Tutor Award Winners

February 2018


Madison Hiddie, Psychology

Michael Fensken, Pychology

Christine Izyk,  Math

Rachel Soeder, Biochemistry

November 2017

Kevin Berend, Chemistry

Briya Fowler, Political Science

Rachel Whittaker, Psychology

Rachel Soeder, Biochemistry

October 2017

Cyan Gumbs - Conversation Partner

Sean Kellas - Political Science

Jordan Knoedl - Economics

Catalin Prajitura - Math

Alex Knoepfler - Computer Information Systems

September 2017

Mel Cueto - Spanish

Olivia Lowell - Psychology

Dan Merkle - Math

James Vacco - Political Science

April 2017

Jacob Trask - Writing

Lindsey Luft - Public Administration

Carlie Bartleson - Social Work

David Horan - Accounting/Business

March 2017

Allison DeRose - Writing

Mayuka Sasaki - Math

Samantha Johnson - Psychology

Kiersten Hafer - Psychology

February 2017

Shayna Nenni - Writing

Paulin Toutche - French

Casey Galloway - Computer Info Systems

Tanya Herrold - Biology

Paige Mason - Business and Economics

November 2016

Michael Lane - Anthropology

Shelby Whalen - Social Work

Molly Kiser - Psychology and Biology

Taylor Kremis - Math

Anthony Raymond - Chemistry

October 2016

Morgan Seeley - Psychology

Amanda Roberts - Psychology

Chris Colegrove - Physical Education

Max DeNora - Biology

Tim Maloney - Writing

September 2016

Xavier Santa - Math

Adam Howard - Chemistry

Dominic Naples - Math

April 2016

Alexandra Keery - Theatre

Cherlyse Alexander - Math

Anthony Rainero - Math

Meg Setter - Physical Education

James Luckman - Sociology

Brynn Stopczynski - Health Science

March 2016

Joseph Currier-Math

Mark Doeller - Math

Andrew Snyder - Social Work

Tara Kelly - Psychology

Sandra Parker - Writing

February 2016

Kathleen Mullaney - Nursing

Adam Krause - Math

Nick Scaturro - Biology

December 2015

Trevor Jarvis - Math

Sarah Liu - Writing

Samantha Paradis - Math

Leonard Satterlee - Science & Society

Tyler Sollenne - Sociology and Psychology

November 2015

Denise Craft - Writing

Madeleine Albano - Psychology

Faustin Mbama -Math

Jacqueline Ryan - Social Work

Katie Elkins -Math

Alex Rivera -Business

Jamie Tomari - Psychology

October 2015

Shannon Campbell - Psychology

Jaclin DeMarte - Economics

Sarah Heh - Psychology

Casey Herman - Math

Nick Iannucci - Accounting

Latasha Johnson - Writing

Reanna Rogers - Psychology

September 2015

Andrew Gill - Psychology and Spanish

Allie Gardella - Chemistry

Connor McCartney - Philosophy

March 2015

Tony Morse - Math

Kammy Okolo - Chemistry

Sarah Richens - Women's Studies

Erin Shea - History Writing

February 2015

Jerremy Lorch - Writing

Camri Taylor - Chemistry

Alex Theuman - Accounting

Melissa Stoj - Chemistry

November 2015

Greg Barron - Criminal Justice

Allison Bohman - Dance

Dawn Jones - Criminal Justice

Noah Reger - Philosophy

Warren Kelley - MTH 111

Kelsey Mahoney - Women’s Studies




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