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By Noel Coward
October 2002

Photo: Full Set

Directed by Richard St George
Scenic Design by Jamie L. Stien, Theatre Major
Lighting Design by Gary Thomas Musante
Costume Design by Gail Argetsigner

Photo: Elvira
Elvira sings. . .

Photo: Drinks before Dinner
A Few Drinks Before Dinner

Photo: Madame Arcati and the Bradmans
Maria Scipione, Dan Dixon and Allison Leahy

Photo: Charles and Elvira  
Jason Purdy and Joanna Schmitt

Photo: More Drinks before Dinner
A Few More Drinks Before Dinner

Photo: Edith
Allison Hauber

Photo: Edith in a Trance
Stephanie Paredes as Edith

Photo: Violet and Edith
Violet and Ruth

Photo: Elvira

Photo: Goodbye Ghosts
Time for the Ghosts To Leave

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