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March 2013

Three Hour

Three Hour Difference

by Mike Poblete

with Steve Clark and Sallie Harrell


The Antichrist Cometh

by David MacGregor

with Tyler Voellinger and Ruth Walker

What a Drag

What a Drag It Is

by Dawson Moore

with Sean Flynn, Gabriel Marcano and Julie Swenson

Bride and Groom

Bridge and Groom in the Graveyard

by Robert Montenegro

with Nikki Sklar and Philipp Serov


by Maximillion Gill

with Melissa Enright and John Cummings


The Wilderness

by James McLindon

with Peter Raimundo and Kiefer Schenk

Hotel Mogador

Lost and Found at the Hotel Mogador

by James Helsa

with Jared Morgan and Dan Rivera

Kiss and Goodbye

Kiss and Goodbye

by Joel Fishbane

with Stephanie Dahl, Percey Dansoh, Kara Dudley and Andrew Sparling



by Charlotte Ortiz Colavin

with Kat Circelli, Skylar Shaw and Kayla Vary



by Tony Foster

with Matthew Deluca, Cody Kaminski and Jay O'Leary

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