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by Paul Rudnick

December 2007

Full Stage, Act II

Directed by Daniel Winerman
Scenic Design by Matthew Allar
Costume Design by Gail Argetsigner
Lighting Design by  Gary Thomas Musante

Moving In

Felling the Spirits

Shea Woodard as Felicia

Romeo and Juliet

Rachael Yoder as Deirdre and Timothy Ellison as Andrew

Mom are you There?

Amanda Charlebois as Lillian

Barrymore arrives

Got a drink?

Mark Dannunzio as Barrymore

Gary's here

Mike Wild as Gary

Gary & Andrew

The Fight


The Fight

Deirdre and Andrew

A Playful Barrymore

To Be or not To Be . .



Lillian and Barrymore

Gary & Andrew

Andrew takes a bow

Barrymore & Andrew

Andrew & Deirdre

Barrymore & Felicia

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