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by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty

April 21-29, 2006

Photo: Harry Witherspoon

Photo: William Ruiz
William Ruiz as Harry

Directed by Francis X. Kuhn
Scenic Design by P. Gibson Ralph
Lighting Design by Gary Thomas Musante
Costume Design by Gail Argetsinger

Photo: Ensemble

Photo: Ensemble
Christine Fisher, Elizabeth Ann Trupia, Nathan Hullfish and Todd M. Gonzalez

Photo: The Commuters

Photo: Harry Meets his Uncle
Harry Meets his Late Uncle

Photo: Vincent Corbone
Vincent Carbone as Anthony

Photo: Dr DiRuzzzio and his Nurse
Christine Fisher and  Jason C. Parker

Photo:Harry and Annabel

Photo: Annabel Flys away

Photo: Annabel Swims
Corinne Magin as Annabel

Photo: Dominique Enters

Photo: . . Speaking French
Elizabeth Ann Trupia as Dominique

Photo: Harry and Dominique

Photo: At the Casino
At the Casino

Photo: . . You're Dead
"Mr. Witherspoon You're Dead!"

Photo: Rita
Karen Yaneka as Rita

Photo: Rita gets a surprise

Photo: Christine Fisher

Photo: The Nightmare
The Nightmare

Photo: The DOGS!!!!

Photo: Vinnie with a Gun

Photo: Darryl Kent Clark
Darryl Kent Clark as Luigi

Photo: Confession

Photo: The Next Morning ! !

Photo: a Happy Ending

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