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Course Descriptions

Three academic programs are available: (1) major in theatre, BA or BS; (2) minor in theatre and (3) minor in music.

Major in Theatre

The major in theatre is 43 credits:

Required Core for all Theatre Majors: (As of Fall 2009) Credits
THE 201 (A,P) Theatre Arts 3
THE 202 (B) Stagecraft 3
THE 221 (A.P) Introduction to Acting 3
THE 239 (A) Introduction to Design 3
THE 307 (A) Fundamentals of Stage Management 1
THE 308 (B) Stage Management 1
THE 314 (A) History of Theatre I 3
THE 315 (A) History of Theatre II 3
THE 319 (A) Play Analysis 3
THE 351 (A) Directing 3
THE 401 (A) Research in Theatre 1
THE 402 (A) Senior Project in Theatre 2
Total: 29
One Upper Division Performance 0r Design/Technology Course Credits
THE 322 (B.U) Intermediate Acting 3
THE 323 (B,U) Advanced Acting 3
THE 334 (A) Physical/Vocal Training 3
THE 422 (B,U) Workshop Lab Theatre 3
THE 426 (B) Improvisational Studio 1
THE 493 (A) Special Topics in Theatre - Performance 3
Total: 3
One Upper Division Dramatic Literature Course Credits
THE 353 (A) Children's Theatre 3
THE 410 (A) Contemporary Women Playwrightsg 3
THE 492 (A) Special Topics in Theatre - Literature 3
Total: 3
Emphasis by Advisement** Credits
Two - 3 Credit Classes 6
Two - 1 Credit Area Specific Practicum Courses 2
Total: 43

Theatre Student Learning Outcomes

**Theatre Majors need to select an area of emphasis to complete the major course requirements.

he exact program of study is prepared after consultation with an advisor.

Emphasis areas include:

  • Performance (Acting, Directing, Stage Management)

  • Design/Technology (Scenic, Lighting and Costume Design, Technical Direction)

  • General Theatre (Dramaturgy, Theatre History, General Studies)

Minor in Theatre

Students are invited to minor in theatre to enhance their knowledge and experience as well as to participate in theatre. A minimum of 18 credits is required.

Courses Credits
THE 111 (A,F) Introduction to Theatre 3
THE 201 (A,P) Theatre Arts 3
THE 202 (B) Stagecraft 3
THE 101-107(B) Practicums (1 credit per semester for 3 semesters) 3
In addition, by contract, the students must take a minimum of four courses in the area of concentration. 12
Total: 18

For information on the Minor in Music click here

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