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Your experience is ALL in what YOU make of it!

Get Involved!

What your campus experience will be like is up to YOU! So many college students say that college is what you make of it, so get involved!

Top 10 list for getting involved on/off campus:

  1. Join a club! There are over 60 clubs on campus.
  2. Visit The Space.
  3. Get involved with the Brockport Student Government (BSG).
  4. Pick up a new sport by joining one of the many intramural teams.
  5. Go to the Special Events and Recreation Center otherwise known as the SERC.
  6. Talk to your Transfer Peer Mentor! As a new transfer student, you have been assigned a Transfer Peer Mentor. You should receive weekly emails throughout your first semester.
  7. Write for the student newspaper-The Stylus.
  8. Take advantage of study abroad opportunities.
  9. Go and see a show!
  10. Earn credit while completing an internship.

Helpful Resources

Student Handbook - includes policies, procedures and statistics about The College at Brockport
GPA Calculator - use this to determine what your semester & cumulative GPA will be
Academic Calendar-this resource will help you map out your semester

Transfers Contact Us!

Phone: 585-395-5397
AOL Screen Name: bporttransfer

Last Updated 8/13/18

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