Navigating the APA: A Guide for Tutors and Students

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APA 7th Edition Frequently Used Page Guide

This guide is designed to help students navigate The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 7th Edition print format.   Use sticky notes or flags to mark the pages identified in the guide as these will provide you with information you will need most frequently.  Learning APA formatting takes time.  Determine if your instructor expects you to follow the student paper guidelines or the professional paper guidelines, and review examples of each to acquaint yourself with APA style.  Visit for more information and support.


        Sample Student Paper 61-67
        Sample Professional Paper 50-60
General Formatting  
         Page Header/Page Number 44
        Line Spacing 45
        Spaces Following Period 154
Title Page  
        Student Title Page Elements 30
        Student Title Page Example 32
Elements Not Required on Student Title Page  
       Author Note 35
        Running Head  37
        Abstract 38
First Body Page  
        Title in Bold 39
        Heading Levels Discussed 47
        Five Heading Level Examples  48-49
Writing Style  
        Inclusive and Bias-free Language 131
        Specificity by Topic 135
        Pronouns 140
        Point of View: 1st Person vs. 3rd Person 120
        Active and Passive Voice  118
        Verb Tenses by Paper Section Chart 118
In-Text Citations  
        Terms: Parenthetical and Narrative Citations 262-263
        Basic In-text Citation Style Examples Chart                    266
         Three or More Authors 266
Paraphrasing and Quoting  
          Multi-Sentence Paraphrases in 1 Paragraph           269
          Page Numbers                                                         269
          Short Quote Examples 272-273
Special Citation Situations   
          Citing Multiple Works in a Single Citation            263
          Multiple Narrative Citations in a Single Paragraph 265
          Citing Secondary Sources                                        258
          Citing Personal Communication (Interviews)        260
          General Mentions of Sources 268
          Unknown Author                                                     264
          Number of Authors 266
          “And” or “&” between Authors 266
          Multiple Works by Same Author with Same Date 267
          No Date 262
Reference List  
          Missing Information Trouble Shooting Chart 284
          Group Authors 288
          No Author 289
Electronic Sources  
          DOI’s and URL’s                                 299
         Social Media 348
         Websites 350
        Publication City 321
Obscure Details  
        Example Annotated Bibliography                 308
       Lettered Lists                                                 189
       Time Abbreviation                                         176
       YouTube Video Reference                            344


Last Updated 7/21/22