Outstanding Tutor Award Program

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The purpose of the Academic Success Center Outstanding Tutor Award Program is to recognize tutors whose work is exemplary and demonstrates a commitment to student success.

Each month ASC Tutoring will recognize the work of outstanding tutors. Click here to nominate a tutor.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to select the tutors -

  1. A tutor who possesses an outstanding work ethic.
  2. A tutor who possesses excellent tutoring strategies, including the ability to explain course content, model problem-solving strategies and/or course-specific study strategies.
  3. A tutor who possesses excellent interpersonal communications skills.
  4. A tutor who goes above and beyond to assist students in terms of scheduling flexibility or adapting tutoring strategies to meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  5. A returning tutor who has worked at the ASC for several semesters and whose experience makes them the “go-to” person for that subject.
  6. A tutor who maintains communication with the professor of the class for whom they tutor.
  7. A tutor whose friendly, positive disposition enhances the work environment of the ASC.

Recent Outstanding Tutor Award Winners

April 2022

Lydia Cox- Biology

Veronica Dailey- Natural Sciences

Fangzhi He- Writing

Brock Johnston- Chemistry

Micah McClatchey- Math

Emily Szembrot- Psychology

Shane Walters- Biology


March 2022

Ryan Dipaola - Math

Ajay Bhattacharyya- Computer Science

Jesus Renteria- Sociology

Emma Wasson- Anthropology

Molly French- Writing

Michael Piscitelli- Nursing

Emily Szembrot- Psychology

Melissa Barnosky- Psychology

Jade Rinaldo- Public Health

Brian Ireland- Chemistry


February 2022

Melissa Browne - Math

Shane Walters - Biology

Marie Jackson - Writing

Nate Paddock - Chemistry

Molly Rowe - Psychology

Micah McClatchey - Math

Nicole Pignataro - Public Health

Amber Riscignolo - Social Work

Theresa Cronin - Nursing

Brock Johnston - Chemistry


October 2021

Erica Andujar - CIS

Katriana Belknap - Physical Education

Ryan Dipaola - Math

Mackenzie Drum - Biology

Cecelia Hunt - 

Molly Rowe - 

Emily Szembrot - 

Lindsey Wait - Biology

Jared Parks - Math


September 2021

Melissa Browne - Math

Theresa Cronin - Nursing

Veronica Dailey - Natural Sciences

Kaitlyn Horswell - Writing

Emma Sargent - Physics and Chemistry

Ethan Zyglocke - Math

Marie Jackson - Writing

April 2021

Maria Cacho - Spanish

Jack Castle - Chemistry

Heather Graupman - Psychology & Sociology

Isabella Lavigne - Healthcare Studies

Sarah Levine - Physical Education

Emmie White - Biology

March 2021

Meghan Bates - Physical Education & Public Health

Marcy Esler - Math

Sharon Jaramillo - Psychology

Catherine Jenks - Nursing

Gisella Lopez Castro - Spanish

Latiq Pratt - Computer Science

Tyler Williams - Physical Education

Ethan Zyglocke - Math

February 2021

William Diaz - Accounting

Jalen Nowden - Psychology

Autumne Venturino - Writing

November 2020

Crystal Brinson - Communication

Irving Brown - Math

Danielle Fanelli - Nursing

Peter Giangrasso - Biology

Daniel Hodzic - Biology & Chemistry

Marisa Martinez - Math

Chris Volo - Math

October 2020

Adeola Akinyemi - Psychology

Roni Crumb - Social Work

Laurel Honig - Earth Science

Emma Nevers - Chemistry

September 2020

Mahmoud Altalouli - Writing

Megan Aubertine - Environmental Science

Melissa Browne - Math

Andrew Colalillo - Accounting, Business, & Economics

Kaitlin Franklin - Writing

Molly French - Writing

Emily Hampston - Math

Matthew Too - Math

April 2020

Mitchell Jones - History/Writing

Thomas Mousso - Biology & Chemistry

Oana Prajitura - Math

February 2020

Derrick Gibbs - Biology

Tanner McGuire - Math

Lisa Pink - Math

Shei Valerio-Sanchez - History/Writing 

November 2019

Kayla Adgate - Writing

Adam Baumann - Accounting

Jacob Jones - Political Science

Rachel Kelley - Accounting

Sarah Mahar - Public Health

Hailey Murray - Health Care Studies

Julianna Testone - Psychology

October 2019

Sydney Gisondi - Spanish

Jordan House - Psychology

Nick Kirsop - Health Care Studies

Jared McComb - Math

Tom Mousso - Biology & Chemistry

Oana Prajitura - Math

Casey Vattimo - Computer Info Systems & Statistics

September 2019

Tyra Andrus - Psychology

Nolan Coble - Math

Andrew Gardner - Accounting

Sydney Gisondi - Spanish

Last Updated 9/22/22