Thank you for your interest in transferring to The College at Brockport through dual admissions.

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To be eligible to enter The College at Brockport through dual admissions, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be formally enrolled in a Dual Admit agreement at your current institution (if you are unsure, please seek advisement at your local transfer center).
  • Be attending either, Finger Lakes Community College, Genesee Community College, Monroe Community College or Niagara County Community College.
  • Have no prior degrees or college experience other than the four community colleges that The College at Brockport has articulation agreements with above.
  • Have signed the agreement with one of the above community colleges stating your intent on attending The College at Brockport as a dual admit student upon completing your Associates Degree.
  • Achieve the minimum grade point average required to enter your intended major at The College at Brockport.

The Intent to Enroll form below should be completed August 1 for fall enrollment or by January 1 for spring enrollment.

By completing the below form you have submitted your application to The College at Brockport, and your current community college admissions department will send your official transcript to The Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Do not fill out the SUNY Application or Common Application if you plan on being applying for dual admission.

It is not necessary to fill out the application until two semesters prior to attending The College at Brockport.


Dual Admit Intent to Enroll Form


Last Updated 10/23/17

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