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Note: Brockport's English department has updated from ENL course numbers to ENG course numbers. ENG course equivalencies begin Fall 2010.

MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
ACC 101 Accounting Principles I ACC 281 Intro. to Financial Accounting
ACC 102 Accounting Principles II ACC 282 Intro. to Managerial Accounting
ACC 210 Intermediate Accounting I ACC 385 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 211 Intermediate Accounting II ACC 3TR
ACC 220 Cost Accounting ACC 388 Cost Accounting
ENG 250 Professional Communication ENL 308 / ENG 302 Business Writing and Computers
BUS 220 Applied Business Applications

CIS 1TR End User Computing (Before Fall 2018)

CIS 217 Fundamentals of Business Computing (Fall 2018 forward)

ECO 111 Principles of Microeconomics ECN 201 Principles of Economics: Micro
ECO 112 Principles of Macroeconomics ECN 202 Principles of Economics: Macro
MTH 160 Statistics I MTH 243 Elementary Statistics
MTH 200 Applied Calculus MTH 221 Calculus for Business
MTH 210 Calculus I MTH 201 Calculus I

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective

Department of Accounting, Economics, & Finance

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Last Updated 9/22/22