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Monroe CC

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MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
AAD 167 ( formerly COM 167) Web Design Graphics JRB 327 Web Publication and Design
COM 101 Intro to Mass Media JRB 242 Fundamentals of Media
COM 109 Intro to Public Relations JRB 225 Public Relations Principles and Practices
COM 110 Journalism I JRB 224 Newswriting 
COM 120 Media Literacy JRB 219 Advertising and Consumer Culture
COM 130 Media Writing JRB 243 Media Writing
COM 131( formerly COM 110) Principles of Journalism JRB 224 Newswriting and Reporting
COM 141 Intro to Radio and Television JRB 1TR
COM 142 Broadcast Performance JRB 343 Media Performance
COM 150 Video Production JRB 1TR
COM 150 Video Production I AND COM COM 264 Video Production II JRB 200 Intro to Video and Audio
COM 202 Techniques of Television I JRB 3TR
COM 204 Audio Production JRB 346 Audio Production
COM 212 Techniques of Television II JRB 3TR
COM 230 Scriptwriting JRB 243 Media Writing
COM 264 Digital Audit/Video I JRB 1TR 
COM 267 Digital Audio/Video II JRB 1TR
COM 270 (formerly COM102) Media and Society JRB 1TR
SPC 141 (formerly SPT141) Interpersonal Speech Communication CMC 273 Interpersonal Communciation
SPC 142 (formerly SPT 142) Public Speaking CMC 201 Public Speaking
SPC 143 (formerly SPT 143) Small Group Communication CMC 3TR
SPC 241 (formerly SPT 241) Advanced Interpersonal Communication CMC 1TR
SPC 242 (formerly SPT 242) Speaking in Professional Situations CMC 316A Interpersonal Communication in Business and the Professions

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective

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Department of Journalism, Broadcasting & Public Relations

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