Computer Science Course Equivalencies

Monroe CC

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MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
CIS 121/ITG 102/ CRC 125 Microsoft Office/Computer Applications Software CIS 106 End-User Computing
CIS 208 Visual Basic Programming CSC 212 Programming in Visual Basic
CIS 209 Systems Analysis and Design CIS 3TR
CIS 211 Applied Database Concepts CIS 3TR
CIS 213 Database Programming CIS 3TR
CIS 223/ITP 202/CSC 223Computer Programming C++ CSC 1TR
CIS 225/ITP 201/CSC 225Advanced Java Programming CSC 1TR
CRC 101 Practical Computer Literacy CSC 104 Intro to Computer Science
CRC 201 Introduction to Unix
CRC 202 Unix Shell Scripts
CSC 209 UNIX Tools
CSC 101 Intro to Computer Science CSC 203 Fundamentals of Computer Science I
CSC 103 Intro to Data Structures CSC 205 Fundamentals of Computer Science II
CSC 202 Microcontrollers CSC 311 Computer Organization & Architecture
CSC 206 Digital Computer Organization CSC 3TR
CSC 215 Introduction to Linux CSC 209 UNIX Tools
ELT 202 Pulse & Digital Circuits
ELT 206 Digital Systems & Microprocessors
ELT 202 Pulse & Digital Circuits CSC 3TR
ELT 206 Digital Systems & Microprocessors CSC 3TR

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective

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