Environmental Science Course Equivalencies

Monroe CC

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MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
BIO 115 Fundamentals of Life Science
BIO 160 General Botany
BIO 165 General Zoology
ENV 111 Principles of Biology
BIO 116 Introduction to Environmental Science ENV202 Environmental Science
BIO 155 General Biology I
BIO 156 General Biology II
ENV 204 Biology of Organisms
BIO 225 Bioanalytical Chemistry CHM 313 Quantitative Chemical Analysis
BIO 260 General Ecology ENV 303 Ecology
CHM 151 General College Chemistry I CHM 205 College Chemistry I
CHM 152 General College Chemistry II CHM 206 College Chemistry II
GEO 101 Introduction to Geology GEL 201 Physical Geology
MTH 210 Calculus I MTH 201 Calculus I

Other Monroe CC equivalents with Environmental Science courses at SUNY Brockport that can be transferred and applied to certain tracks in the Environmental Science major are:

MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
CHM 251 Organic Chemistry I CHM 305 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 252 Organic Chemistry II CHM 306 Organic Chemistry II
PHY 145 College Physics I PHS205 Introduction to Physics I
PHY 161 University Physics PHS 235 College Physics I

CHM 305 is a co-requisite in the Aquatic Ecology/Biology, Terrestrial Ecology/Biology and Combined AEB/TEB tracks
CHM 305, PHS 205, PHS 235 - take one as the co-requisite course in the Earth Science track
CHM 306 is required for the Environmental Chemical Analysis track

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