Foreign Languages Course Equivalencies

Monroe CC

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MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
ASL 101 Sign Language Communication I ASL 111 Beginning American Sign Language I
ASL 102 Sign Language Communication II ASL 112 Beginning American Sign Language II
ASL 103 Sign Language Communication III ASL 1TR
FRE 101 Elem French I FRN 111 Beginning French I
FRE 102 Elem French II FRN 112 Beginning French II
FRE 103 Interm French I FRN 211 Intermediate French I
FRE 104 Interm French II FRN 1TR
FRE 206 Contemp French Converstation II FRN 350 Intermediate Conversation and Grammar Review
GER 101 Elem German I GRM 111 Beginning German I
GER 102 Elem German II GRM 112 Beginning German II
GER 103 Interm German I GRM 211 Intermediate German I
GER 104 Interm German II GRM 212 Intermediate German II
ITA 101 Elem Italian I ITA 111 Beginning Italian I
ITA 102 Elem Italian II ITA 112 Beginning Italian II
RUS 101 Elem Russian I RSN 111 Beginning Russian I
RUS 102 Elem Russian II RSN 112 Beginning Russian II
SPA 101 Elem Spanish I SPN 111 Beginning Spanish I
SPA 102 Elem Spanish II SPN 112 Beginning Spanish II
SPA 103 Interm Spanish I SPN 211 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 104 Interm Spanish II SPN 1TR
SPA 112 Elem. Spanish Conversation
SPA 113 Spanish V
SPN 212 Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 122 Spanish for Future Teachers I SPN 111 Beginning Spanish I
SPA 123 Spanish for Future Teachers II SPN 112 Beginning Spanish II
SPA 202 Latinoamerica de ayer y de hoy SPN 3TR
SPA 205 Advanced Conversational Spanish I SPN 350 Communication in Spanish
SPA 206 Advanced Conversational Spanish II SPN 3TR
SPA 210 Spanish Grammar & Structure I SPN 351 Composition and Grammar Review

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective

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