Political Science Course Equivalencies

Monroe CC

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MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
POS 110 Intro to Political Science PLS 1TR
POS 120 American National Government
POS 121 American Politics
PLS 113 American Politics
POS 122 Electing the President: 1996 PLS 311 Parties and Elections
POS 207 Urban Political Process in the U.S. PLS 319 Urban Politics
POS 210 Intro to Political Philosophy PLS 203 Political Thought
POS/GEG 218 Political Geography PLS 475 Political Geography
POS 220 International Politics PLS 111 International Relations
POS 225 Comparative Political Systems PLS 112 Comparative Politics
POS 230 Civil Liberties-U.S. PLS 420 Civil LIberties, Civil Rights, and the Constitution
POS 245 The American Presidency PLS 317 American Presidency

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective

Department of Political Science & International Studies

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Last Updated 9/22/22