Sociology Course Equivalencies

Monroe CC

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MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
SOC 100/GSS 100 Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies WMS 101 Intro to Women & Gender Studies
SOC 101 Intro Sociology SOC 100 Intro to Sociology
SOC 130 Sociology of Work SOC 352 Sociology of Work
SOC 200 Social Problems SOC 210 Social Problems
SOC 201 Race & Ethnicity in the U.S.

SOC 328 Racial and Ethnic Relations OR

WMS 271 Gender, Race and Class

SOC 202 Urban Sociology SOC 304 Urban Sociology
SOC 204 Families in Society SOC 361 Sociology of Sex, Marriage, and Family
SOC 206 Sex & Gender in Society SOC 464 Gender and Social Change

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective

Department of Sociology

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Last Updated 9/22/22