Theatre Course Equivalencies

Monroe CC

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MCC Course Brockport Equivalent
MUS 101 Music Appreciation MUS 210 Music Appreciation w/RPO
MUS 118 Broadway Musicals MUS 414 American Musical Theatre
MUS 121 Voice Class MUS 139 Class Voice I
MUS 142 Music Production MUS 323 Instrumental Ensemble
MUS 190 Theatre Rehearsal and Performance THE 101 Acting Practicum
SPT 110/THE 110 Intro to the Theatre THE 111 Intro to Theatre
SPT 111/THE 111 Intro to Technical Theatre THE 202 Stagecraft
SPT 112/THE 112 Fundamentals of Acting THE 221 Acting I
SPT 113/THE 113 Stage Makeup THE 345 Stage Makeup
THE 115 Costume Design and Construction THE 244 Costume Construction
THE 116 Lighting Design THE 235 Stage Lighting I
THE 147 Oral Interpretation THE 1TR
THE 148 Voice and Diction THE 200 Voice and Diction
THE 149 Stage Movement THE 1TR
THE 211 Theatre Productin Laboratory THE 1TR
THE 212 Fundamentals of Acting II THE 322 Intermediate Acting

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective

(THE course numbers are for Spring 2012 and later)

Department of Theatre & Music Studies

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