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After completing Steps 1-3 from previous page: 

Step 4: Complete Advisement Session

Upon receipt of your deposit, the Office of Academic Advisement will contact you regarding registration for the upcoming semester. 

Beginning October 1 (for the Spring semester) OR March 1 (for the Fall semester):

  • An advisor from your academic department will reach out to you via email.  Be sure to check your personal and Brockport email for further instructions.
  • After the advisement session, your faculty advisor will provide an Advisement Key Number which will enable you to go online and register for classes.

Step 5: Register for classes

Late Registration

If you pay your deposit after the regular registration period has ended, your academic department will contact you approximately 2 weeks after the receipt of your deposit. You will be able to register after your advisement appointment.

Step 6: Submit Immunization Records 

Your immunization records are required to be submitted to the Hazen Center for Integrated Care prior to the start of classes. 

Student Health Information

Step 7: Register for Golden Eagle Orientation - Transfer Programs

August 3 or August 24

Learn more about academic expectations and student resources, while meeting other Transfer students. You'll also have an opportunity to get your Eagle One ID (student ID).

Before the Start of Your First Semester

Be sure to complete the transfer checklist before the beginning of classes in August.

  • Complete Online Orientation* (Mandatory)

  • Think About It Training (Mandatory)

    • All new transfer students are required to complete this program. It covers a wide range of topics from stress management, relationships, drugs & alcohol, and also covers the College‚Äôs policies and resources. You can complete this program at your convenience and on any computer. Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Please refer to other links on our site for more information:

Get more information on:

Welcome Week Activities Academic Calendar Search for Jobs (on- and off-campus)

*New transfer students will be charged a transfer orientation fee of $75 (placed on student bill.) The fee is used to offset expenses associated with the College's registration and orientation activities for new transfer students. It is assessed to all students who enter as transfers with 24 or more credits and covers the cost of the first semester advisement, registration and all orientation events during and before the first semester. Students who do not attend all orientation events are still assessed the fee.

Last Updated 8/2/18

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