Excelsior Scholarship: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the status of my financial aid application?

Please check your Self Service Banner to determine your individual status including any outstanding documents, award status or actual awards received. For general status updates, please check the Current Aid Processing Status box on the financial aid website at www.brockport.edu/admissions_aid/financial_aid/

Q: Where can I obtain information regarding the new Excelsior Scholarship?

You may refer to our web page at https://www.brockport.edu/admissions_aid/excelsior.html or the New York Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) at www.hesc.ny.gov. The HESC website contains a helpful list of Q and As.

Q: What is the deadline date to apply for the Excelsior Scholarship?

Fall 2018 applications are closed. Application information for the 2018-19 academic year will be updated, when it becomes available.

Q: May I apply for the Excelsior Scholarship for the spring semester?

Yes. The application for the spring will open in late October, and it will be open for about one month.

Q: I am taking summer courses that may relate to my Excelsior eligibility. What is the deadline for consideration?

Brockport must have received, evaluated and certified any summer transcripts by December 31, 2017 to be considered. The earlier the transcripts can be sent to Brockport, the better.

Q: If I am a current college student, how may credits must I have taken in order to qualify for Excelsior?

Students must have completed an average of 30 credits per year and be on track to graduate within four years of their initial date of matriculation in college. Students matriculated prior to fall, 2014 are not eligible.

Q: I have recently received a notice from HESC that I am not eligible for the Excelsior Scholarship. Where can I go for further information?

Notices were sent by HESC to those students that did not have sufficient prior credits to qualify for the Scholarship. Please contact our Office of Registration and Records via email to pdowe@brockport.edu if you have questions.

Q. What is the processing timeline/steps to receive an Excelsior Scholarship Award?

The Excelsior Scholarship process is as follows:

  • Student submits an application to the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation
  • Other required documents (student aid report, transcripts and aid award letter) to be submitted
    to HESC.
  • HESC performs income eligibility check and sends a roster of those potentially eligible to the
  • The school receives and verifies prior college credit eligibility and reports the results to HESC.
    Generally, the student must be on track to graduate within 4 years of their first matriculation
    date. Please see the HESC website for further details.
  • HESC negotiates a contract with eligible students. When the contract is returned to HESC, an
    award roster is sent to the school.
  • The school posts the Excelsior Scholarship Award to the student’s record and notifies the
    student of any aid adjustments.

Q: When will I be notified of my actual Excelsior award?

Award amounts should become available in August and are released on a rolling basis. Students will be notified as their awards become available as well as any necessary aid adjustments.

Q: How is the Excelsior Scholarship Calculated (by Semester)?

Excelsior Calculation by Semester
2016-17 Tuition $3,235
- Pell / SEOG / TEACH  
- TAP / SUNY Tuition Credit  
- all other grants and scholarships (unless specifically designated for non-tuition expenses)  
= __________


If less than or equal to zero, no Excelsior Award

If greater than 0 and less than $2,750, Excelsior will cover remaining balance of tuition

If greater than $2,750, Excelsior = $2,750 and Excelsior Tuition Credit will cover the remaining balance of tuition

Q: How many credits must I successfully complete each year to remain eligible for the Excelsior Scholarship?

 Students must have successfully completed at least 12 credits per semester and a total of 30 each year (including winter and summer) to remain eligible. Non-credit, remedial or developmental courses cannot be used to meet this requirement. Note that EOP students may take at least 24 credits per year to remain eligible. ADA students do not need to meet this requirement.

Last Updated 11/10/17

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