Awarded The Federal Perkins Loan

According to our records, you have been awarded and accepted a Federal Perkins Loan for this academic year.

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There are a few steps that remain that must be completed before we can disburse your loan. Please take care of these items immediately in order to avoid delays in the disbursement of your Federal Perkins Loan or other financial aid.

  1. Student Loan Disclosure Statement
    This document provides specific loan information, such as your cumulative amount borrowed, the applicable interest rate and grace period. This document is for your records and does NOT have to be returned to the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Federal Perkins Loan Master Promissory Note and Questionnaire
    These documents contain the items and conditions of your loan as well as gather references and other demographic information. Please note that this is a master promissory note and that you will not need to complete another for the years you maintain continuous attendance at The College at Brockport. This requirement is completed electronically. Please follow the below steps to complete this requirement.

To complete your entrance interview and sign your Federal Perkins loan promissory note online:

  1. Go to the Student Loan Service Center website at
  2. Click on the “Borrowers” section
  3. Choose the “Access and Sign Your Electronic Documents” link
  4. Select “Complete Your Entrance Interview and Sign Your Promissory Note”
  5. You must have the following information available to enter online:
    • Your Social Security Number
    • The Name of the SUNY campus you plan to attend
    • The name, address and phone number of a parent or relative and two personal references

Complete the Following 7 Steps:

  1. Confirm Availability of Unsigned Promissory Note – Provide SSN, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth
  2. Authenticate Your Identity – Identity verification enabling you to sign
  3. Consent – Your agreement to the terms of the E-signature process – All borrowers to Complete Entrance Interview Counseling
  4. Federal Perkins Loan Rights and Responsibilities
  5. Reference Information - Parent information and two references
  6. Review and Sign - Electronically sign your MPN * (available only to borrowers who pass the authentication process)
  7. Electronic Signature Accepted – You have successfully signed your MPN. You may view and print a copy of your MPN.

SUNY SLSC PIN and Account Access: You will be provided with a 5 digit PIN number in Step 7 above to allow you online access to your Federal Perkins loan account information. It is very important that you retain your SUNY SLSC PIN number in a secure location for future use. You can use your PIN to review your loan documents within the Borrowers section of the SUNY SLSC home page at:

*If the Student Loan Service Center is unable to authenticate your ID, please print your master promissory note, complete and mail to The College at Brockport for processing. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept fax copies.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or require assistance.

Financial Aid Office - (585) 395-2501

Last Updated 9/11/17

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