How SUNY Brockport distributes and packages aid among its students

Packaging is the term used to describe the method of awarding different types of financial assistance. It is also the process of finding the best combination of aid to meet a student's financial need, given limited resources and institutional constraints that vary from school to school.

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A student's financial aid package may often be a combination of scholarships and grants, loans and employment. When determining the type and amount of assistance to be awarded by the Financial Aid Office at SUNY Brockport, the following will be used:

  • Priority is given to those who apply for aid by the required deadlines and show the largest need.

  • College based financial aid (Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study Program and FSEOG) will be awarded after any Federal PELL Grant, State TAP, outside aid and the maximum Federal Direct loan aid is taken into account.

Last Updated 10/6/17

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