SUNY Brockport's Risk Level Raised to Yellow

November 9, 2020

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Dear Brockport Community:

We are continuing to see a spike of COVID-19 cases in our region—including an increase on the SUNY Brockport campus. Following our most recent batch of pool testing, which took place on Thursday and Friday of last week, we now have 13 COVID positive students in our community. We are still awaiting the results of the reflex testing of some additional students who were in positive pools.

While we remain well under the numbers that would necessitate initiating Governor Cuomo’s mandatory two-week pause on face-to-face instruction, we want to continue to be proactive in our efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

Therefore, this morning, President’s Cabinet and the leaders of the Emergency Operation Center decided to increase our campus risk level to yellow. This action was taken for the following reasons:

  • We are seeing the highest daily number of cases in our region since March.
  • The number of cases is on the rise for traditional college-age individuals.
  • Our recent pool testing results show the highest level of positive results that we have seen to date.

The following proactive measures are being taken, effective this evening:

  • Implementation of mandatory testing of all students within the week.
  • SERC Fitness Center will close.
  • All in-person athletic activities will cease.
  • All in-person extracurricular activities are cancelled or will be offered in virtual formats.
  • Dining will be carry-out only (starting with dinner this evening). 

For the remainder of the face-to-face portion of our semester (scheduled to end Friday, Nov. 20), we will be conducting all activities other than classes remotely or virtually. The Drake Memorial Library will remain open and shuttle services will continue as scheduled.

Students who receive a negative pool test result this week are encouraged to move out of on-campus housing once they have their test results for the remainder of the semester. Students who choose to move home early should contact the instructors of their face-to-face courses to arrange for remote learning accommodations. Any students who choose to stay in their on-campus housing longer than 48 hours after receiving a negative test may be required to be tested again, and potentially quarantine or isolate on campus prior to departing campus, to comply with SUNY-mandated pre-Thanksgiving testing requirements.

SUNY has recently issued guidance to campuses about the Spring 2021 semester. We have been working on our plan for weeks and we are currently finalizing details. I anticipate being able to share our plan with you tomorrow, which will be subject to approval by SUNY in December.

We have done an incredible job of Protecting the Nest this semester. I am deeply grateful to our campus community for their efforts. Our current actions are being taken in the hopes of our community being able to finish the semester safely and celebrate the holiday with their loved ones. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to make this a reality.


President Macpherson

Last Updated 2/15/21