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Dear SUNY Brockport Students,

Greetings and welcome to the Village of Brockport.  You are coming to campus during an historic and unprecedented time.    

You are part of our community, and your health and safety are as important as that of our permanent residents.  All of us have just lived through six months of an unending pandemic and we want it to end.  But for that to happen we must each do our part. 

To keep the virus from spiking and spreading, we must all be vigilant and follow the guidelines that have been set by the CDC and the State of New York.  The Village and College are on the same page when it comes to following those guidelines.  The College has provided you with detailed instruction for conduct on campus.  I write to share the Village of Brockport’s expectations for when you are off-campus.  Be advised that the College’s Code of Student Conduct applies off campus as well as on campus.

Masks, Social Distancing, Hand Hygiene

Foremost among these are adhering to social distancing, mask wearing, and regular handwashing.  Please have a mask with you at all times and wear it in any situation where you cannot be 6 feet or more away from others.  Be advised that our local businesses, supermarkets, and big box stores require you to wear masks to enter and to use hand sanitizer upon entering.  As the weather cools, wearing masks will become even more important as people spend more time indoors in closed spaces.


Large gatherings are especially concerning. For those of you who live off-campus in our community, we understand that your housemates are your local family here.  Enjoy their company, but please do not host parties.  If you do so, the Brockport police (BPD) can and will disperse these gatherings.  Our police wear body cameras. Video footage is shared with the Office of Student Conduct at the College and violators are subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  Our police look for respectful, voluntary compliance, but they may have no other option than to issue a ticket.

Bars and Restaurants

For those of you who are of legal age, Village bars and restaurants serving alcohol have been given strict guidelines by Governor Cuomo in order to remain open.  Crowding and standing in groups to drink can lead to revocation of the establishment’s liquor license and closure by the State Liquor Authority. Our bar owners have a good relationship with our police who are working with them to follow these guidelines.

One reason for this highly unusual welcome is that Brockport residents are understandably concerned about the influx of 7000 students at the end of August. We have had, and currently have, COVID cases in Brockport and no one wants to see the virus spike again. Equally important, I do not want to see the College forced to terminate in-class instruction requiring students to return home to continue their college courses online.  These measures are to protect the entire community, residents and students alike.

Despite all these regulations I wish you a great college experience in 2020-21 at SUNY Brockport.  The Village of Brockport is a friendly community that has hosted college students for over 150 years; your youth and energy are an enduring and welcome asset to our community. 

With best wishes for a safe, successful, and productive college year,

Margay Blackman


Last Updated 5/26/21