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Very Limited Work-Related Travel Permitted Until Further Notice

All travel requests must be approved by a Vice President.

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Have you Tried Payroll Online?

NYS Payroll Online is an online tool that reduces the amount of paper generated from a biweekly payroll and offers additional services for you to utilize.

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October 16, 2020 — Dr. Alexia Buono Presenting at the Artful Inquiry Group International Symposium

Dr. Alexia Buono and colleague Dr. Charles Gonzalez will present their topic of "Transformed by our arts-based research: Actioning into bodily justice in teacher education."

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Creativity in the Classroom?

The writing staff for The Port are looking for faculty and staff who are using creativity to hold classes/provide programming despite the challenges of COVID-19. Are you holding class outside? Are you doing anything beyond online meetings?

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