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Brockport Faculty and Students Publish Article in Forensic Journal

Drs. Michael Brown and Ann Bunch, along with students Charles Froome, Rebecca Gerling, Shawn Hennessy, and Jeffrey Ellison, conducted research in the chemistry lab to assess citrate content of human bones in order to determine time since death.

Citrate content in bone was presented in the literature as a potential measure of post mortem interval (PMI), or time since death. In cold cases where very little information is known, the PMI is extremely important to determine. To date, there are no precise, reliable and valid methods in forensic science to establish PMI. The team of faculty and students measured PMI in known=PMI human remains from 2013-2015, funded by the National Institute of Justice. HPLC and UV-Vis methods were employed to measure citrate. Our findings were mixed: we found that PMI does indeed decrease over time after death, however the rate at which PMI decreases did not match the rate presented by other researchers. The same pattern has been found by other researchers conducting similar external validation studies. More work needs to be done on this problem. We did recommend that citrate could be used as a basic tool to sort "recent" death cases versus those that are "historic" or "pre historic".



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